Open Science Meeting 2014
BIORIN: Science with impact

BIORIN: Science with impact

BIORIN stands for Biotechnology Research Indonesia – The Netherlands and was a scientific program running under SPIN1. From the beginning, the objective was to combine edge-cutting research with topics that are relevant for society. As a consequence, 6 PhD projects were started using advanced technologies to address serious problems in the cultivation of various crops.

The various studies led to excellent scientific results, some of which could be implemented directly. The direct involvement of a breeding company, PT East-West Seed in Purwakarta, proved to be very instrumental in translating results into practice. But impact was broader than translatable results only. Executing PhD-projects in a Sandwich construction bridged the scientific cultures in both countries, facilitating further collaboration.

Although some results could be applied directly, the concern for using GMOs hampered the impact. It shows that technology has to go hand-in-hand with socio-economics to develop and implement real innovations. In other words, interdisciplinarity will become increasingly important for science with impact. The fertile collaboration with a company, right from the start, shows the importance of stakeholder involvement. These are –apart of all excellent scientific results-, for me the take-home messages from BIORIN.