Open Science Meeting 2014
28 January

28 January

08.30 New opportunity’s in bi- and multilateral research cooperation. By Dr. Renée van Kessel (NWO)

Keynote speech

08.40 Sustainable palm oil as a role model for the agriculture beyond food and the green growth development in Indonesia. By Dr. Tony Liwang – PT SMART Tbk

Research – Markets – Politics: a round table discussion

Goals of the round table session

Report of round table session
09.25 Round table with on-stage interviews and open discussions ‘Good Governance and Governing Health’
Chairs: Prof. dr. Irawan Yusuf and Prof. dr. Henk Schulte Nordholt
Panel on Good Governance
Dr. Ryas Rasyid (national policy definition of decentralization)
Dr. Gerry van Klinken (KITLV, social science perspective)
Arianto Sangaji (NGO, on societal reception)
Panel on Governing Health
Dr. Ali Gufron Mukti (National policy maker on future focus and forms of health care)
Drs. Korrie de Koning (Community governance of close to the community providers: implications for policy)
Dr. Sudirman Nasir (unexpected changes of decentralization and democratization leading to increasing implementation of public health schemes)
Prof. Aliman (International health policy (WHO) and Indonesia)
10.40 Coffee break/ poster session

Junior Scientist Symposium

 About Junior Scientist Symposium
Life Sciences; Report Junior Scientist Symposium Life Sciences
Chairs: Dr. dr. Soegianto Ali and Prof. dr. Menno de Jong
Room: Wind Flower
11.15 Rina Masadah: The origin of ovarian cancer may be found in the uterus: analysis of endometrial intraepithelial carcinoma in serous ovarian carcinoma
11.25 Retno Supriyanti: Cataract screening techniques under limited health facilities
11.35 Adhi Kristianto Sugianli: Antibiotic resistance on Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumonia from Suspected Urinary Tract Infection in tertiary hospital: One and half-year Laboratory based surveillance
11.45 Aprilianto Eddy Wiria: Helminth infections and insulin sensitivity in Indonesians
12.00 Discussion
Natural Sciences; Report Junior Scientist Symposium Natural Sciences
Chairs: Prof. dr. Enny Sudarmonowati and Prof. dr. Louise Vet
Room: Water Lily
11.15 Anas Fauzi: Mapping foliar nitrogen of mangroves using hyperspectral imagery*
11.25 Didit Adytia: Modelling and Simulation of Coastal Waves
11.35 M.Yusuf Abduh: Continuous biodiesel production and refining in dedicated bench scale unit for mobile biodiesel application
11.45 Widyarani: Valorization of rubber tree proteins
12.00 Discussion
Social Sciences and Humanities; Report Junior Scientist Symposium Social Sciences and Humanities
Chairs: Prof. dr. Yunita Winarto and Prof. dr. Mario Rutten
Room: Tulip
11.15 R.M. Mustopa: Land Use Optimization to Improve Rice Farmer’s Income
11.30 Henky Widjaja: Jarak: The Commoditization of an Alternative Biofuel Crop in Indonesia
11.45 Nia K. Hidayat: Impact of sustainable certification on palm oil smallholders’ livelihood
12.00 Discussion
12.15 Lunch/poster session

Keynote speech

13:15 Meeting the energy needs of ‘smart villages’ by Dr. John Holmes

Parallel Symposium

Ecology and Development
Chairs: tba
Room: Wind Flower
14.00 Introducing an alternative biofuel crop in Indonesia, by Dr. Suraya Afiff and Dr. Jacqueline Vel
Treatise on river deltas: results from the East Kalimantan Programme, by Dr. Ton Hoitink
EASAC Science for Policy, by Dr. John Holmes
Societal impact and policy influence
Chairs: Dr. Sietze Vellema, Dr. Arif Wibowo and Dr. Rilus A. Kinsing
Room: Water Lily
14.00 Global certifying partnerships and environmental sustainability of commodity production, by Prof. Bustanul Arifin and Prof. Pieter Glasbergen
14.30 Fragmented government decision-power and spatial planning,By Prof. dr. Ari Kuncoro
15.00 Linking coordinated action and diversity in building resilience against global plant diseases, by Dr. Catur Hermanto and Dr. ir. Sietze Vellema
15.30 Discussion
Smart Cities
Organiser: Drs. Guus Derks (AgencyNL)
Participants: members of Dutch Company misson by Min. of Economic Affairs on Smart Cities Cooperation with Indonesia.
Room: Tulip
14.00 Renewable energy and energy conservation toward a cyber-city, by new elected Makassar Mayor Ramdhan Pomanto
14.20 Green Cities, by Eko Heri Poerwanto (Ministry of Housing)
14.40 Amsterdam Institute of Urban Development, by Patrick Lie (City Government of Amsterdam)
15.00 Smart grid initiatives; cooperation with Universities and American pilot project, by Martijn Arets (Alliander)
15.20 SME’s and Green Cities, by Hans Abbink (Almende)
15.40 Discussion
16.00 Coffee break

Closing session with keynote speech

Place: Clarion Sandeq ball room
16.30 Societal impact of Hepatitis, by Prof. dr. David Handojo Muljono
17.15 Closing remarks by Prof. dr. Irawan Yusuf and Prof. dr. Wiebe Bijker

Closing Dinner with Makassar Mayor

18.30 Bus transfer to Pannyua Port
19.00 Dinner, art performance and free performance from participant
21.30 Bus transfer to Hotel