Open Science Meeting 2014
Drs. Korrie de Koning

Drs. Korrie de Koning

Korrie de KoningMs. Drs. Korrie de Koning (KIT Royal Tropical Institute, The Netherlands)

Korrie de Koning (MSc. Med.) is a social scientist and educationalist. Since 1999 she  works at KIT and from 1990 till 1999 she was a lecturer at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Since 2011she holds a position as senior advisor and researcher sexual and reproductive health and rights; from 2003 till 2011 she was in charge of the international health area in KIT. She is a specialist in sexual and reproductive health, gender, health systems, and community development. Recent research includes: PI of a EU funded research grant investigating  health systems and other influencing factors on the performance of close to the community providers and how to improve this in six countries;  PI for a program in capacity building for knowledge generation and transfer for improving maternal health in Sierra Leone, and for the linking and learning of a collaborative network on public private partnerships to improve maternal and neonatal health.

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