Open Science Meeting 2014
From Science and Society to Science in Society

From Science and Society to Science in Society

IMG_8523How can research and innovation contribute to the development of our societies? 

Science and technology are crucial for the development of our societies—in the global North and South, in East and West. How can societies take control over research and innovation to serve their own developmental agenda? Which conditions make such self-rule possible? Examples from The Netherlands, India and Africa are used to argue that science needs to be integrated in society. Bijker will then explore the challenges and opportunities of employing science and technology for development. How can public-private partnerships contribute to the fruitful implementation of scientific research? How can Technology Assessment and Scientific Advising help democratic processes of policymaking? There are no simple and generally applicable answers to these questions. Each society needs to find ways of addressing the grand challenges that it is facing. We need experimentation with our democracies as much as with our science and technology to realize futures that are ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable.

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