Open Science Meeting 2014
Programme MC-ID

Programme MC-ID

Master Class Infectious Diseases

Location: Hasanuddin University, Makassar, Indonesia

Period: 29-30 January, 2014

Indonesian and Dutch Organisor

Local organisors

  • Hasnawati Saleh, PhD (HUMRC, Fac. of Medicine, UNHAS)
  • Sitti Wahyuni, MD, PhD (HUMRC, Fac. of Medicine, UNHAS)
  • Sudirman Nasir, PhD (UNHAS)
  • Rusdina Bte. Ladju MD (HUMRC, Fac. of Medicine, UNHAS)
  • Aslim Taslim, MD (HUMRC, Fac. of Medicine, UNHAS)
  • Ms. Fidyah Septiani (HUMRC, Fac. of Medicine, UNHAS)

Members of panel

  1. Prof. David Handojo Muljono (UNHAS/ Eijkman, Indonesia)
  2. Prof. Menno de Jong (The Netherlands)
  3. Sudirman Nasir, PhD (UNHAS, Indonesia)

Background topic Master Class

Infectious diseases, also known as transmissible diseases or communicable diseases comprise clinically evident illness or symptoms resulting from infection or the presence and growth of pathogenic biological agents in an individual host organism. As many other developing countries, Indonesia still faces great challenges in combating numerous infectious diseases including lung TB, malaria, dengue, HIV and hepatitis C. Researchers at Hasanuddin University, one of the oldest state university in the eastern part of Indonesia, are trying to better understand these infectious diseases through research in order to reduce risk factors, transmission, morbidity, disability and mortality related to infectious diseases. Hasanuddin University has significant human resources and facilities in infectious diseases research and would like to share experience with students and young researchers in this field. This Master Class will facilitate wider networks and collaboration among infectious diseases researchers and in turn will contribute to the further development in infectious diseases research.

Contents Master Class and goal

a brief perspective on the current research status in their fields.

This Master Class is aimed for capacity building for PhD students/junior researchers. The participants will present their ongoing research with 10 minutes presentation (maximum 10 slides) and 20 minutes discussion with the panel members and other Master Class participants of the Master Class. The goal is to enhance their capacity in developing a research project, learning to identify a problem/gap in the field, set up objectives and set up approaches (methods) to achieve the objectives

Programme outline

The program will be divided into two days:

Day 1 Wednesday 29 January, 2013
Student presentations: 10 mins presentation each plus 15 mins discussion
08.30-08.50 Opening and Introduction of the Masterclass program
08.50 Franciscus Ginting/ Adhi Kristianto Sugianli
09.15 Anggie Puspa Nur Hidayati
09.40 Dendi Hadi Permana
10.05 Coffee break
10.35 Farida Juliantina Rachmawaty
11.00 Ibnu Agus Ariyanto
11.25 Lepa Syahrani
11.50 Siti Maisuri Tadjuddin Chalid
12.15 Myrte de Boer
12.40 Lunch break
14.00 Raafqi Ranasasmita
14.25 Erick Sidarta
14.50 Korri ElvanitaEl Khobar
15.15 Coffee break
15.45 Ni Ketut Dias Nursanty
16.10 Sri Riyati Sugiarto
16.35 Sully Kosasih
17.00 End
Day 2 Thursday 30 January, 2013
Student presentations: 10 mins presentation each plus 15 mins discussion
08.30 Sylvia Sance Marantina
08.55 Ully Adhie Mulyani
09.20 Yudi Nugraha
09.45 Yulianty, M.Biomed
10.10-10.45 Coffee break and boarding the bus for site visit
Site Visit (30 people: students, panel members and organizers)
11.00 Trip to Puskesmas Jumpandang Baru (PIC: Sudirman Nasir)
11.30 Visit at Harm Reduction Center at Puskesmas Jumpandang Baru
12.30 Lunch break
13.30 Trip to dr. Tadjuddin Nur Chalid /Leprosy Hospital
14.00-15.00 Visit to dr. Tadjuddin Nur Chalid /Leprosy Hospital (leprosy management)
Meet and discuss with experts/clinicians (PIC: Dr. Sitti Wahyuni)
15.30 Trip to Infection Centre Wahidin Hospital
16.30 Visit to Infection Centre Wahidin Hospital (tuberculosis management)
Meet and discuss with experts/clinicians (PIC: Dr. Sitti Wahyuni)
16.45 Wrap up of Masterclass on site
16.45 End of program and transfer to Hotel

Who can participate?

Selection is competitive and will be limited to 15 participants who are currently enrolled as PhD students/research assistants whose research engages with the themes of infectious diseases from any aspects.

All selected participants are obliged to attend the full sessions of Open Science Meeting (26-28 January, 2013). The master class is free of charge to successful applicants. We will cover the cost of twin share accommodation at a budget hotel, lunches and coffee break. We will also cover the cost of transport to site visits/field trip. We will provide certificate of appreciation to all participants.

How to apply:

  1. Research students: Submit 300 words abstract of your current research project (title, author, affiliation, introduction, aims, methods, results, and conclusion). The latter two sections only if applicable.
  2.  Brief curriculum vitae (CV, max 2 pages). It should state you name, current, job, relevant working experience and list of publications and presentations at national/international conferences. Active email address and phone number must be included.
  3. Letter of recommendation from supervisor
  4. Agree to give oral presentation about your ongoing research in English (10 minutes presentation +20 discussion with panel members and other participants).
  5. Selected participants must attend Open Science Meeting 27-28 January 2013.

Selected participants must attend the whole program of the Master Class


Registration for master class should be done in conjunction with OSM registration. However, please note that all the required documents (abstract, CV and letter of recommendation from supervisor) should be emailed to: by 5pm, Saturday 14 December 2013.

Please put reference subject at your email: Master Class ID

Successful applicants will be notified by email on Tuesday 7 January, 2014.

Successful applicants will be offered 3 nights free budget twin share accomodation. Check in Tuesday 28 January 2014, check out Friday 31 January 2014.