Open Science Meeting 2014
Programme MC-L&RC

Programme MC-L&RC

Master Class on Land, rural change and socio-economic policy in Indonesia

Title: Key questions of land and neoliberalism in contemporary Indonesia

Location: Gajah Mada University, Yogyakarta

Period: 29-30 January 2014

Indonesian and Dutch Organisor:

Dr. Erwan Purwanto, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Gadjah Mada and staff members of the department of Anthropology, Gajah Mada University, Yogyakarta

Dr. Gerben Nooteboom and Dr. Laurens Bakker, Dept. of sociology and anthropology, University of Amsterdam

List to be extended.

Background topic Master Class

Rapid economic development in Indonesia boosts all kinds social, cultural and economic changes. It creates new opportunities for previously poor people both in urban and rural areas and leads to large transformations in agriculture and land ownership. These rapid development might also lead to friction. Land and land ownership are among one of the key areas in which these frictions become visible.

According to some critics, neoliberal economic policies in Indonesia, or its contested interpretations, are among the root causes of these tensions as they facilitate and accelerate investments in land and agriculture, leading to social exclusions. Others refer to larger global processes of commercialization of agricultural land and food or fuel crops which produce new transformations and challenges for rural areas in Indonesia. Many of the social consequences of these rapid changes remain unknown.

This master class aims to explore the links and friction between land conversion, neoliberal policies (and its contested interpretations) with global issues of transnational investments, agrarian change and new farming futures.

It draws upon and is inspired by long term and closely established links of research cooperation and collaboration between Indonesian and Dutch universities concerning issues of land, agrarian transformation, rural change and social economic policy.

Contents Master Class and goal

The interdisciplinary master class is aimed at bringing together master students, PhDs and researchers from Indonesia and The Netherlands who are working on land, agrarian change and neoliberal policies and who aim to write or improve a research proposal, or to publish on one of these topics. Students who wish to participate have a keen interest in the study of land conflicts, rural development, economic (neoliberal) policy, its interpretations and local variations, and social change. Participants must have some basic knowledge of one of the social sciences or proven ability to work in interdisciplinary settings.

The aim of master class is:

  1. to strengthen and improve the Indo-Dutch network on the study of land, agrarian change, social development and economic policy
  2. to help master students to write or improve a research proposal
  3. to produce an edited volume of joint publications for PhDs and staff members working on these topics


Day one will be filled with lectures and discussions related to agrarian change, land use and economic policies, by Indonesian and Dutch specialists, as well as with discussions of research proposals and draft texts.

The second day will be filled with presentations and discussions of research proposals and draft publications.

Students will be asked to participate in an active way, give presentations and engage in commenting each other’s work.

Who can participate?

Master students, research master students and PhDs working on land, agrarian change and neoliberal policies are invited to participate. Participants must be able and willing to work in an interdisciplinary way, have some basic knowledge of social science thinking and be able to establish links between research and society.

As the number of participants will be limited to 20 persons and selection might be needed, participants will be asked to apply before 15 December and send a short abstract of a proposal or a publication to

Preliminary list of presenters

Dr. Erwan Purwanto

Prof. Yunita Winarto (to be confirmed)

Dr. Muhamad Muhdar (Unmul, Samarinda) (to be confirmed)

Prof. Dr. Thambuh Amyang (Pontianak) (to be confirmed)

Prof. Dr. Abdurrahman (Banjarmasin/Mahkamah Agung) (to be confirmed)

Dr. Laksmi Savitri UGM (to be confirmed)

Dr. Gerben Nooteboom

Dr. Laurens Bakker

One or more speakers of the open science meeting