Open Science Meeting 2014
Pathogen Resistance: Global threat and challenges

Pathogen Resistance: Global threat and challenges

Resistance of the pathogenic organisms such as  bacteria, parasites and insects that are of public health importance currently poses a global threat and challenges. The World Health Organization (WHO) in 2010 has alerted to the proper use of antibiotics and antimalarial drugs because resistance to the currently available drugs has already been rampant.

Development of pathogen resistance is facilitated by the widespread and indiscriminate use of the drug that exert a strong pressure to the pathogens to develop a high level of resistance. Following our collaborative study under the Malaria Transmission Consortium (MTC) that involves 5 countries across Asia and Africa during 2008-2013, we report hereby the resistance status of the malarial parasites and the mosquito vectors in Indonesia.

The reseach collaborative activities have strengthened interaction between research institutions/universities  and the Ministry of Health as the user and executor of the National health programme.