Open Science Meeting 2014
Junior Scientist Symposium: Natural Sciences

Junior Scientist Symposium: Natural Sciences

Report on Junior Scientist Symposium: Natural Sciences.

Date: 28 January 2014
Chairs: Prof. dr. Enny Sudarmonowati and Prof. dr. Louise Vet

IMG_822111.15 Anas Fauzi: Mapping foliar nitrogen of mangroves using hyperspectral imagery
11.25 Didit Adytia: Modelling and Simulation of Coastal Waves
11.35 M.Yusuf Abduh: Continuous biodiesel production and refining in dedicated bench scale unit for mobile biodiesel application
11.45 Widyarani: Valorization of rubber tree proteins
11.55 Discussion



1. The duration of session: as scheduled.
2. Speakers: all speakers of selected posters (4) were present and delivered a presentation. All speakers prepared nice and interesting slide presentations several with animation.
3. Audience/participants: seats provided in the room were almost fully occupied. The background of the audience was varied, among others:  natural science scientists, life science scientists, medical doctors, chemists, entrepreneurs, representative from private sectors i.e. from Sinar Mas company.
4. Session management: after each speaker delivered the presentation in the allotted time, the chair member (either Enny or Louise or both depending on the topic) made comments and suggestions, asked for clarification or posed questions.

After this, the Q &A session was opened to the audience. At least 2-4 members of the audience responded to each speaker and most of the questions or requests for clarifications could be answered by the speakers. Some good and useful suggestions were also made by the audience to improve the performance or results of research that are still on-going, while suggestions for better implementation or application were made for the research already completed.

Remarks and suggestions for improving future research performance
  – Anas Fauzi. The greater potential of hyperspectra imagery, for example as a tool to detect plant (primary and secondary) chemical changes due to plant-soil feedback was discussed.
– Widyarani: Ensuring the long-term quality of the soil is an important issue in all bio-based economy. Is there attention for this in the rubber tree protein project?
– M.Yusuf Abduh: How to ensure seed sources (rubber seeds) for biodiesel processing in the field. Provide standard procedure for processing biodiesel by the community on spot. The need to re-design the mobile processing unit to be smaller and easier to handle instead of a truck system.
– Didit Adytia: The need to approach private sector or potential stakeholders to “buy” the system developed as it has not (yet) been implemented. A medical doctor in the audience pointed out similarities and differences concerning wave modelling with regard to arterial blood flow problems.

Conclusion of the chairs
The experience with the junior scientists session was highly positive. This is the new generation that is ambitious, and eager to perform and we suggest to give the junior scientists a more prominent place in the programme of the next meeting.

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